Gareth Kyle Consultants  has set up , run and made businesses profitable by focusing on fundamentals, taking radical stands of restructuring for both profits , long term stability and continuous gains. It has always focused on sustainable future based responsible businesses. It has gone into seemingly unprofitable businesses and caused them to thrive and become profitable. 

“Businesses should improve the quality of life for everyone , not just for the organisation “ is the management philosophy of Gareth Kyle Consultants


Branding , franchising and ultimately expanding a thriving business , is the model our consultants conceive for every customer. As opposed to a quick profit turnaround , its business style is one that institutes putting back to society , by bringing better quality of life , better lifestyle for employees and society as a whole. It does not believe in profit at all cost. This philosophy, Gareth Kyle Consultants believes is one that will eventually fuel the advancement of the business as a whole and will establish an ecosystem where this business will thrive on its own.


Gareth Kyle Consultants began as an engineering consultancy performing very niche market jobs. Its clients include Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co.Ltd, PSA , Keppel Engineering Pte Ltd, etc. Currently looking into Solar Power generation , it brings the engineering expertise it has over 15 years for the next generation.

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